Investec Derby

It was really exciting to be part of dressing the hospitality suite for this year's Investec - Epsom Derby. To mark this landmark anniversary between these 2 amazing institutions the Creative Team at Investec worked closely with the brilliant production agency, Detail, transforming the Epsom Racecourse Suite into a slick and high-end space for guests to enjoy. 

The amazing production featured luxury textured finishes in marble, velvets and rose-gold metallics. The Luxurious furniture, unique lighting and props, dressed the space beautifully. 

The suite was divided into 3 sections with differentiated colour schemes. Bold and blue, natural and green, and finally, blush and rose golds. It was our job to add the finishing touches in florals.

For the blue, we selected the best early summer flowers such a blue delphiniums and white peonies. Adding in some gorgeous hydrangea for boldness. Creating low and high arrangements for the tables and main bar top.

The green section featured terrariums full of ferns and succulents, urns with flowing greenery and nestled white flowers for a natural flowing feel.

Finally, the blush and rose gold section was our favourite. Using white O’hara, Secret Garden and classic Sweet Avalanche roses we packed the tables full of these with huge spayed palm leaves for impact. Behind the blush bar we created a beautiful growing rose wall, not forgetting the statement sprayed palms.

Congratulations to the team for creating such a brilliant space for their guests to enjoy this iconic race. Here’s to next year!!