A special tree for Annabel's

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, particularly in Mayfair where we helped assemble one of the biggest Christmas trees in town at Annabel’s. Working with the immensely talented team at S2, we turned the club's famous facade into a gigantic tree lighting up Berkley Square with its thousands of lights, baubles and oversized gifts. A candy cane door arch and giant gold bow provided the finishing touches... not forgetting a gold star shining brightly on top of course!

House & Garden included the festive facade in their round-up of ‘The best Christmas Trees on show in London’


Christmas at The Ned

We were thrilled to take on the task of decorating the Ned this Christmas.  With its already striking features and warm atmosphere, we only wanted to compliment the existing space and interiors.

Taking inspiration from the original African verdite pillars and the luxe interior of the ground floor restaurant furnishings at Cecconi’s City of London and Millie’s Lounge, the 20ft Premier Nordmann Fir tree in the main hall glows. With 4,500 lights and over 900 decorations in green and gold hues, it is the perfect backdrop to get you in the Christmas spirit.

The other trees around the hotel take their lead from the main tree design; we added a touch of plum red in the Tapestry room and Saloon to create a warm feel for the events taking place.

The entrance garlands are filled with seasonal, natural decorations, diffusing scents of lavender and orange to those entering The Ned.

The Ned is the perfect setting to cosy-up for dinner, enjoy pre-Christmas drinks or have a full-blown party. We don't think there is a better location in London to get you into the festive mood.

Images By Tamin Jones