Kettner's Townhouse

No Winter lasts forever, no Spring skips it's turn


The late Robin Williams once said 'Spring is nature's way of saying 'Let's Party!' and we could not agree with him more. 



With British Summer Time officially back on the clocks we cannot help but have a spring in our step here at Grandirosa. No more huddling around the heater in the studio overdosing on tea and cake- it's time to open the door and work outside again! Well, almost...



Spring is a favoured time for florists where we see the re-emergence of some of our favourite flowers- daffodils, fritillaries, tulips and hyacinth.



And then there's our love affair with blossom, who's delicate drama is very much welcomed into our aesthetic. Peach, cherry, apple- we love it all! 


We have been so excited to start incorporating blossom into our large urn arrangements on the ground floor at The Ned, and in the restaurant and Champagne Bar at Kettner's Townhouse. Buying it fresh each week from the New Covent Garden Flower market on the morning of the install, we watch eagerly as the little buds start to open over time, creating an ever-evolving show of beauty. 



Pop into The Ned and Kettner's Townhouse for a lovely Spring aperitif, and be sure to have a look out for our arrangements.